Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

Helping you to Thrive After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Whether you have recently had a diagnosis, are going through treatment or come through the other side, I am here to offer help, support, and guidance at every stage of your breast cancer journey.

As a breast cancer rehab coach my role is to provide strategies and solutions to assist you with your recovery. Together we’ll address the common and not so common side effects of breast cancer and it’s treatment.

  • Joint Pain
  • Safe Exercises to Aid Recovery
  • Preparation for Surgery, Chemo & Radiation
  • Preparing your home for post treatment
  • Fatigue
  • Brain Fog
  • Scars (both mastectomy and from donor sites)
  • Breast Reconstruction
  • Sleep Health
  • Food Choices addressing loss of appetite and taste
  • Stress Relief

Research has proven that exercise is one of the best forms of medicine in cancer recovery, so movement will form a large part of our sessions along with soft tissue and scar therapy treatment. And as with every exercise program, we will focus on ensuring you have the correct measure of FREQUENCY, INTENSITY, TIME & TYPE appropriate to where you are in your cancer journey.
Our sessions together will be truly bespoke & work at a pace that matches where you are at that specific point.

What’s Included?

This programme can be booked as a block of 3, 6 or 12 sessions

3 x 60 min sessions – £180

6 x 60 min sessions:  £345

12 x 60 min sessions:  £630 (available in 3 instalments of £230, £200, £200)

  • initial consultation
  • one to one personal training sessions
  • scar tissue and massage therapy
  • basic exercise equipment to complete homework
  • nutritional guide
  • sleep health guide
  • self care / stress reduction strategies inc time for meditation