Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below some frequently asked questions about the treatments or business operations. If the question you have is not listed below please use the Contact Form and I can respond to your query on a personal level.

Q. I’ve just had a baby. When can I return to exercising or book a massage?

A. Please be advised that you must have had your 6-8 week check with your GP prior to starting an exercise program.

For massage therapy, as long as you experienced no complications during your pregnancy or childbirth and you are not currently experiencing any maternal issues post birth, it is fine to commence post natal massages as soon as you feel comfortable. If you are unsure, I send a pre-activity health questionnaire before any bookings so I can assess whether you are okay to go ahead.

If you birthed via C-Section, work can start on or around the scar as soon as it has healed and inflammation and swelling have gone.


Q. I’ve just had abdominal surgery, when can I book a massage treatment?

A. Once you have received the all clear from your medical team and your scar is healed and inflammation gone then you are ready to start treatment. If in doubt, please speak to your medical team prior to booking.


Q. I’m expecting a baby, is it safe for me to have a massage?

A. It is advised to not receive massage treatments during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy after which as long as there are no complications with your pregnancy and your medical team are happy for you to receive massage you can go ahead. A pre-screening form will need to be completed prior to any bookings being made.


Q. May I bring my child/ren to my appointment?

A. Bumps Lumps and Star Jumps operates a child free policy as I believe its important for you to take some time to yourself and be able to enjoy your sessions without distractions.


Q. You offer 45, 60 or 90 minute treatments. How long should I book my massage for?

A. I would always recommend a longer treatment as more areas of the body can be covered and more in depth work completed on the areas that require it. However, it really depends on how much time and money you are able to invest.


Q. Can I pay for my sessions in instalments?

A. Yes, it is possible. Please let me know if this is an option you are looking taking at so I can let you know what process I follow.


Q. What does the assessment involve?

A. In order to ensure your program or treatment is bespoke to your needs it is necessary to perform an assessment . Prior to your first visit you are sent a health questionnaire which asks questions about your medical history, current health and lifestyle choices.

It is during your first visit that we go through the assessment. It can take between 30-45 mins and includes the following:

  • postural assessment
  • hands on palpation of hot spots that occur during and after pregnancy
  • check for diastasis recti (separation of the abdominal wall)
  • observation of breath patterns (critical for great core connection)
  • ‘Intrinsic Core Synergy’ assessment – allows us to see how well you can currently connect to the core and pelvic floor muscles.                                                   (no tests are invasive or physically demanding)


Q. What do I need to wear?

A. Massage therapy – please arrive in your normal clothes. You will need to undress down to your underwear whilst having your treatment. I recommend wearing a normal bra with a back clasp and shoulder straps (sports back bras are more difficult to remove). I need to be able to easily access the back and shoulders if work is required in those areas.

A. Personal Training – you will be required to wear comfortable clothing that will allow you to regulate your temperature and not restrict your movement. I recommend a sports bra, sports vest or t-shirt for your upper body and leggings, cropped trousers or shorts for your lower half. If training is to take place outside I would suggest wearing a sweatshirt or hoody over the top.

If performing an assessment I prefer the client to wear shorts and a sports bra to help best observe posture and have better access to the body for the hands on tests.


Q. What positions are used during a pregnancy massage?

A. Clients are positioned on their back, elevated, using the adapted bed and pillows, and also in a side lying position with bolsters and cushions to support head, bump and legs.


Q. What positions are safe in post natal / post surgery massage?

A. Any position is safe but can be adjusted for your comfort or specific treatment you have booked. If you are feeling uncomfortable face down due to breast tenderness or risk of leaking milk, a side lying position can be taken which is just as effective to treat shoulders, back, pelvis and legs.


Q. I have bought a block of sessions. How long do I have to use them?

A. You have 365 days from the date of purchase to complete all sessions purchased.


Q. Am I able to transfer my sessions onto somebody else?

A. Yes. They will need to accept the terms and conditions of service prior to proceeding with the sessions.

Q. I’m moving out of the area. Can I have a refund on any outstanding sessions?

A. No. You will need to complete all sessions prior to moving area or you can complete your sessions virtually via video calling. You also have the option of transferring your sessions to another person. Please see question above.


Frequently asked questions