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Welcome to the event’s page! Whenever there is a workshop, taster session for a class or social gathering, all details for the event will appear here including a booking portal and payment button.

Taster class for Heat

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FREE Holistic Core Restore® Release Workshops

If the last few weeks or even months have left you feeling a bit ‘meh’ then maybe you should join me for a 30 minute stretch and mindfulness meditation session, which will help you to feel a bit more ahh!
Every Sunday at 7.30pm I’ll be hosting a free 30 minute release and relax session designed to bring some awesome alignment back to your body and mind. We’ll start with 15 minutes of delicious stretching followed by 15 minutes of lying and letting go meditation. These sessions will continue at the same time each week until all school children are back full time! Don’t worry if you can’t make every week. If you want to join me over the next few weeks then pop your details in the contact box below.


Pelvic Floor and Core Workshop –         25th Mar 2021 – 8pm or Sunday 28th Mar – 11.30am – £10

Do you leak when you run, jump, sneeze, cough or even laugh? Have you found yourself avoiding doing certain activities because you’re worried about having an ‘oops’ moment? Still have a ‘mummy tummy’ despite trying every variety of plank or sit up?

This 60 minute workshop will:

  • help you understand your core and pelvic floor
  • highlight some simple things you can do NOW to help
  • showcase some of the exercises we do in the Holistic Core Restore® Everywoman programme that has seen hundreds of women improve their pelvic floor and core dysfunction.

Via Zoom

To book:

Please make payment below selecting which day you would like to attend. You will then need to complete the contact form so you can receive your Zoom link code. Please be aware that no refunds will be actioned if you cannot attend, however you will be able access a recording of the session.

Thursday 25th Mar – 8pm


Sunday 28th Mar – 11.30am