General Personal Training

General Personal Training

The personal training options listed below are for those who are fully recovered following surgery, an injury or have no pelvic floor or core concerns.

Each session is 60 minutes in length and is available as either 1 to 1 or 2 to 1 training. Current package options are 3 x 60 minutes; 5 x 60 minutes; or 10 x 60 minutes. A monthly subscription is also available (further details below).


Monthly Personal Training Subscription (only available for 1-1 training)

If you are ready to make a commitment to your health and wellness, this option is the most cost effective way of purchasing your personal training sessions. By showing your commitment you receive a discounted rate for your sessions. Terms and conditions apply:

  • minimum commitment period is 3 months
  • each monthly allocation of sessions must be used in that month or they are forfeited

4 sessions a month (1 x a week) – £185 (£46.25 a session)

8 sessions a month (2 x a week) – £360 (£45 a session)

If you are interested in the monthly subscription, please get in touch to discuss options.


‘Lose the Lumps’ – fat loss and toning program

In this program you’ll be using a combination of weights, including your own body weight, with movement, to help you burn calories and shape up your body.

To assist you:

  • I’ll be taking measurements and photos to monitor progress
  • You’ll be provided with homework to do in between sessions
  • I’ll provide a food diary analysis to check you are adopting the healthy eating habits that will ensure you succeed.
  • We’ll also monitor your sleep and stress as these will have an influence over your progress.

On commencing the programme you will be encouraged to take photos of yourself so you have a point of comparison from start to finish.

Only available with the 5 and 10 hour package or monthly subscription.

‘Spring into Star Jumps’ – fitness and conditioning program

Looking to up your game and get fitter, stronger and build up your endurance? Then let’s get going and help you become the fittest you have ever been.

The programme  kicks off with a short simple fitness test to see where you are with your current fitness levels. You’ll then be provided with homework to complete in between sessions. You will be required to purchase some small equipment like dumbbells and resistance bands to be able to do your homework. Depending on the length of package you purchase will determine if you have 1 or 2 further fitness tests to show progress.

Only available with the 5 and 10 hour package or monthly subscription.

‘Lengthen and Align’ – stretching and mobilisation program

This programme will leave you feeling taller, moving more freely and provide you with a sense of calm and relaxation. You will be taken through a series of dynamic stretches and trigger point releases, designed to relieve tension in muscles and joints. Don’t put up with aches and pains, or loss of movement when there is a simple solution to help you.


1-1 – 5 x 60 minutes – £250



1-1 – 10 x 60 minutes – £475.00



2-1 – 5 x 60 minutes – £187.50 each



2-1 – 10 x 60 minutes – £355 each



Intro pack – 3 x 60 minutes – £150