Just Ladies Fit Club

Just Ladies Fit Club

The Just Ladies Fit Club is exactly what it ‘say’s on the tin’. It’s an exercise class just for women! I had so many requests for a class where just women attend, I had to make it happen. If you are not comfortable working out in front of men or actually want a fitness class that takes into account women’s health needs such as pelvic floor dysfunction or those niggling peri-menopausal aches and pains (believe me I have those) then this class is catered just for you!

What does the class involve?

This 45 minute class is for all fitness levels. You don’t have to have prior experience of exercise just a desire to move and do something positive for your body and mind.

The class will start with a 5-10 minute warm up, followed by a 25-35 minute workout session which will either be a circuit or interval training (both low and high impact options will be provided to suit differing fitness levels), and will finish with a 5-10 minute cooldown. There will be opportunity at the end to ask any health and wellness related questions that you may have and would like answers to.

When and Where

There are 2 classes that take place 7 and 8pm Monday evening’s at Worcester Park Baptist Church in the Pentagon Room, during term time. There is parking available on site but should that be full you can park on the road a little further up from the church. Worcester Park Rail Station is a 2 minute walk away as are bus stops for the 151, 213, E16, S3 and X26.

Click here for location of church – https://www.wpbc.org.uk/locations/wpbc-location/

How much is the class?

Payment is made termly. Please note that termly rates may differ due to the number of classes that may be held in that term. Upcoming term booking will be 6 sessions.

  • 6 week term – £30

Next term dates: 19th Feb – 25th March 24 



Book Your Place / Add to Waiting List

To book your place or add your name to the waiting list, please complete the contact form below. For safety and enjoyment of the class there is a maximum capacity of 14 people per class.  Please note your place in the class is only confirmed on receipt of payment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I can only attend a couple of the classes, can I only pay for those, or do Pay As You Go?

A. I pay a fee for the hire of the room regardless of how many people turn up so in order for me to be able to cover my costs I must charge a termly fee. It also helps with regards to planning the sessions and knowing what equipment will be needed.

Q. Is there an age limit for attending the class?

A. Absolutely not, if you can get to the class and you have no serious conditions that would be made worse by physical exertion, then you can take part. Options will always be provided. As long as I know what you can and can’t do I’ll adapt the session accordingly.

Q. Can I switch between the two classes during a term? 

A. Once you have booked a particular class time for that term you will not be able to swap unless there is a place in the other class.  Any changes will need to be confirmed by myself before attending a different class so that I am aware of my numbers for health and safety.