The BLS Member Hub

The BLS Member Hub

The Bumps Lumps and Star Jumps (BLS) Member Hub is an exclusive space for ladies. It will be YOUR go to area for short structured workouts, and advice on women’s health and wellness.

There is a lot of information out there, workouts especially, and it’s getting increasingly difficult to filter through it all and know what may be right and safe for you and your body. The Member Hub brings you workouts designed to get you working hard whilst still taking into account all aspects of women’s health. This includes your pelvic floor, hormones, bone health and heart health (to name just a few). So, no more guessing whether this workout or that workout will be suitable and safe for you. Let me take that worry away for you. Each workout has your needs in mind EVERY TIME.

What’s involved?

All the action takes place in The BLS Member Hub Private Facebook Group. Along with your workouts you will find chats with experts in the field of women’s health and wellness; challenges and competitions; and opportunities to ask questions and create a community with like minded women. Together we will celebrate successes and support each other when it’s needed. Not on Facebook? Don’t worry you will receive a weekly newsletter with all the goings on that has been taking place in the group plus all the links to the workouts.

Each week I will be holding one live online class via Zoom.  (If you can’t make the live the link to the recording will be either in the Facebook group or sent to you via email). In addition to this you will receive two further recorded workouts, one low impact and one high impact providing you with options depending on where you are in your fitness journey. With this, there will be tutorials on pieces of kit or areas of fitness that will be beneficial to you. All this will help you stay up to date on all things women’s health and wellness.

AS AN ADDED BONUS! – Every member of The BLS Member Hub will receive a 10% discount on my personal training and massage services (some restrictions will apply).

Need a bit more assistance? For those who really want to dive deep and see amazing results, there will be a VIP group. More on this below!

How To Join

It’s super important to me that all my members are safe and will get the best results from the membership. I have a duty of care to you and so before joining  The BLS Member Hub everyone must complete a health screening form to confirm they are suitable for the workouts provided. This may also involve a further face to face or virtual assessment (an additional fee may apply here).

If further support is required the VIP group will be offered to you or you will be invited to join one of my Holistic Core Restore® programmes.

VIP Group

In order to make the most of the weekly workouts it’s important that your health and fitness is at a sufficient level to be able to complete the exercises well and without risk of injury or further complications. If you have completed the screening form and I feel the workouts would not be appropriate for you at this stage you will be invited to join this special group. This will allow me to give you focused attention on your specific needs and help take you to a whole new fitness level ready to take on new challenges. The VIP group will include:

  • a weekly 1-1 personal training session either face to face or virtually
  • monthly assessments on progress
  • homework videos
  • small collection of kit to be able to complete your sessions and homework
  • 10% discount on services all members receive as part of the BLS Member Hub

As I want to be able to dedicate as much time as possible to your progress there will be a limited number of places in the VIP group. This is currently set at 15 members. A waiting list will be in place for those interested in joining.

The BLS Member Journey

Below is a helpful guide designed to help you see at which stage of the BLS Member Hub you are. Those at Stage 1 and 2 will be invited to the VIP group or to enrol on one of the Holistic Core Restore® programmes before taking part in the weekly workouts.

Joining Fees

  • Monthly fee – £30
  • VIP monthly fee – £190

Terms and Conditions

  • The VIP membership – minimum commitment period is 3 months
  • If you take up the Founding Member joining offer in Launch Month this price is set for the duration of your membership with us (your fee is set). If you leave The BLS Member Hub and then rejoin at a later date you will lose your Founding Member monthly fee rate and will be required to pay the monthly fee set at the time of rejoining.
  • When you wish to cancel your membership, please email where we will remove your access from the Member Hub.
  • Only those in The BLS Member Hub will have access to videos. Anyone caught sharing content outside of the membership will have their membership cancelled immediately with no refund provided.
  • The 10% discount BLS members receive, will be on the following services: PT packages (does not include the VIP personal training service); massage therapy; courses and workshops.

Ready to join?

To become a member of this exclusive group please complete the form below and I will send you a screening form to complete.