What Others Say

What Other’s Say



“After a complicated hysterectomy I was left with no core and lots of scar tissue. After finding Julie and reading her website I thought I would give it a go…and oh my, I’m glad I did. I was feeling very low about myself and had gained a lot of weight. When I sat down with Julie on our first appointment she explained all the things what would have happened and was still happening to my body and that this was going to be a journey. To be honest I just wanted a quick fix but as soon as I started with Julie I realised I had to start at the beginning.
Julie’s knowledge and understanding of the core is exceptional and I have gained so much from my time with her, my strength posture and core have all improved significantly.”

Dawn S, Kingston upon Thames


“I have been training with Julie for 4 years and she has rehabilitated me back to full strength following treatment for breast cancer. If anything, I feel fitter and stronger than before my illness. Julie gets the tone and pace exactly right – supportive and kind when we started but now she drives me hard!! I always look forward to my sessions with Julie. She goes the extra mile (and makes sure I do too!)”

Kerry F, Kingston upon Thames

Julie is an amazing, well-educated, inspiring, and patient personal trainer who enormously supported me and changed my quality of life. I am diagnosed with spondylolisthesis, and I was so lucky to meet Julie when I was on an acute phase, three years ago. I was very close to having a spinal surgery. Alternatively, I worked out with Julie my core strengthening/stability and I avoided the operation. Her enthusiasm and spirit, gives me all this positive energy to keep on working out. I definitely enjoy every single session with her. Thank you Julie!!!!!

Sofia M, Kingston upon Thames

“After several weeks of core training and feeling stronger I decided to book some Scar Tissue Massage as I thought this would be of benefit. Julie’s knowledge is exceptional!  She could feel every spot which was blocked and needed blood flow, I could not believe the difference in how I felt after the massages and the long term effects it has had on me. My scar from the incision was very angry looking and very lumpy and this now looks like a totally different scar and has faded so much.
I have gained so much in so many ways. Thank you Julie

Sara D, Ham Common

“I have known Julie for over eight years and she has been my personal trainer for almost 2 years.

She is inspirational, encouraging and challenging but always with a view to helping me reach my training goals. Her knowledge of physiology and nutrition is extensive and she has helped me understand my body better. Julie continually adapts and develops the optimum training plan for me to ensure that I can get the best out of each training session. She is extremely professional, engaging and very supportive.

Julie will help you understand your training goals, ensure that you have the right plan for each stage and enthusiastically work with you to ensure you achieve your goals.”

Chantal B, Surbiton


“Julie is everything you would want in a personal trainer! She is professional and very knowledgeable but also easy to talk to and very understanding and approachable. She has helped me recover from a very tough time in my life and achieve my personal training goals of returning to a healthy and stronger body. Our sessions are always challenging but satisfying and fun.”

Jo F, Worcester Park


“Excellent. Well looked after. Feel Julie really understands my issues. Needing thigh and core strength whilst in recovery mode. Hugely supportive.”

Valerie M, Surbiton


“My experience surpassed my expectations! I learnt how my whole body is connected to pelvic floor strength and was advised a variety of exercises to build and maintain core strength. Julie was lovely and expertly guided me through each session. I really appreciated how flexible she was in the early sessions when I had to bring my baby son along – she fitted the exercises around me breastfeeding and taking breaks to soothe him etc.”

Carole A, Worcester Park