Why September is the New January!

At the moment you’re probably sensing a change in the air. But why?

Is it the fact that as of September 1st we were officially knocking at the door of Autumn…..maybe? It certainly wasn’t a change in the weather judging by the Met office stats for the UK this summer with their website stating ‘this summer has been the most notable across the UK for being wetter than average…Broadly speaking, June was wettest in the North and July was wettest in the South’. Although we could be having it worse, with Hurricane Irma causing death and destruction across the Caribbean and the state of Florida in the USA.

Back at home though its not the weather or the seasons that I’m referring to when I talk of change. It’s a change of a different nature. One of new beginnings, or fresh starts. But as the title of my blog infers, it’s not January, the time of new year’s resolutions and making promises to ourselves we will be better this time with our diets or fitness regimes. So what’s going on?

For some of you it’s ‘Back to School’, with your children getting back into the swing of things after the long summer break. For me personally, it’s a special time, as my daughter Izzy is starting school for the first time. For her it’s a time of big change and adjustment as she learns to get up early in the morning, get into her school uniform and be packed off for a full day at school. She will be meeting new friends, taking on new experiences and learning new skills. All things she hasn’t truly experienced before. She’s excited but I don’t think either of us are prepared for the physical and emotional toll it will take on her and myself over the next few weeks. It’s a time of CHANGE, new beginnings.

But you don’t have to be a parent to experience change at this time of year. Some of you may have been lucky enough to have had a vacation this summer. In fact as I wrote this blog I was sitting on a sun lounger in Ibiza. Now I’m back at home it feels like a fresh start. I’m relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to go. For all of us it’s this feeling that steers us towards wanting to do something new or do something better, or start again. That ‘Back to School’ feeling.

It could be buying a new coat in readiness for the colder months, or a new pair of shoes. For those who know me well it’s normally a pair of trainers! I get called the Imelda Marcos of trainers. Or on a more brain functioning level it might be an evening class or signing up for a course to learn a new skill or try something fun.

We may also be thinking about the months ahead, planning for things to do in the colder months once the dark nights set in. In the health and fitness industry this is a key time as people re-set their goals or establish new and healthier habits. If you’ve had a busy summer looking after the children and keeping them entertained you may have neglected yourself and over indulged with a few naughty treats or enjoyed the longer evenings alfresco with the odd alcoholic beverage. This no doubt has probably left you feeling a little heavier and a bit flabby and you want to do something about it!

It could be you cut the booze, decrease the chocolate, do a few more walks around the park or take the stairs at work rather than the lift or escalator. Maybe you desire a little more structure, something specific and bespoke to your exact needs and wants and want someone to guide you through it. It could even be to have a little more TLC in your life, a massage, helping the body be rid of niggles that have developed and stopping you from moving freely and joyously.

At Bumps, Lumps and Star Jumps we have all the services you need to start feeling renewed or re-born. It doesn’t matter whether you have exercised before or never given yourself some time for a little love.

We have developed “Back to School” packages that suit everyone. Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced, including some lovely massages to begin that self care.

Just Starting Out – £180

6 x 30 minute 1-1 exercise training with 3 head, neck & shoulder massages

Getting There – £180

3 x 60 minute 1-1 exercise training with 3 head, neck & shoulder massages

Seasoned Pro – £340

6 x 60 minute 1-1 exercise training with 2 x 60 minute bespoke body massage

Email info@bumpslumpsandstarjumps.co.uk for further information or to book.


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