Massage Services

Massage Services

Pregnancy Massage

During a pregnancy massage we focus on areas of the body that typically become sore or tight. Specific strokes and techniques are used which then allow the woman to move better and experience less pain.

The woman is positioned both on her back in an elevated position, and on her side using pillows and cushions to support the back and bump. This helps create as much comfort as possible.

Pregnancy Massage



Post Natal Massage

As a result of bodily changes that occur during pregnancy and now new motherhood movement patterns, there is a good chance you are experiencing some pain and discomfort. You may also be feeling some disconnection with your core.

I use methods to help release tissues that have become ‘stuck’ and help bring the woman back into an optimal body position.

Techniques that I use include soft tissue therapy with the hands, use of an IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue massage) tool, foam rollers and even tennis balls.

‘Very relaxing. Julie felt very knowledgeable and professional. She always talked through what she was doing and why, whilst still allowing me to relax and enjoy the session. She also gave me exercises I could try at home which was really useful.
Probably would have been even more beneficial had I been earlier on in my postnatal period, so will definitely go again if I have any problems, or if I have another baby’

I wanted to say again thank you for a very good massage experience last week! You were very thorough and explained everything you were doing clearly which I appreciated.’



Scar Tissue Therapy

Adhesions usually form after surgery, inflammation, trauma or radiation therapy treatment. These adhesions or scars will cause restrictions in movement and inhibit the function of tissues and muscles around it. Pain and discomfort result and can cause compensatory movement patterns.

The methods and techniques I use to treat these adhesions mainly centre on or around the scar tissue itself which helps release it and the surrounding areas. Improved movement and an increase in sensory feeling occur, helping you to connect better with your core and pelvic floor muscles.

This type of massage is appropriate after surgery for C-section, Hysterectomy, Fibroids, Pelvic Organ Prolapse and surgical treatment for other female gynaecological health concerns.

Scar Therapy Video

‘The sessions I have had with Julie have been nothing short of miraculous! Five years after my C-section I was experiencing numbness in the lower abdomen, and lack of mobility which I had assumed were here to stay. Her gentle massage techniques have unloaded my muscles stiffness and enabled much better movement and agility, as well as bringing back some feeling. I’m feeling like myself again. Highly recommended!’  Sandy, Motspur Park

Package Options 

Pregnancy and Post Natal Massage –

45 mins – 1 session – £45,  5 sessions – £212.50,  10 sessions – £400

60 mins – 1 session – £60, 5 sessions – £287.50, 10 sessions – £550

90 mins – 1 session – £80

Scar tissue therapy –

60 mins – 1 session – £70, 5 sessions – £337.50, 10 sessions – £650

90 mins – 1 session – £90, 5 sessions – £425

How it works?

To book a massage or for further details please fill in the contact form.

Please note that I operate a child free policy as you deserve to have time for yourself to be able to enjoy your treatment without distractions.

The first session is required to be 90 minutes long. This is in order to perform an assessment prior to treatment which helps me best decide what areas need the most focus.

Once the best option has been selected you will be emailed a health questionnaire along with terms and conditions of the service which will need to be filled in prior to the treatment taking place.

Payment can be made either via BACS transfer prior to treatment or via debit or credit card payment on the day.